A Dolphins Tail


Setting off on our family holiday to Port Macquarie in mid February, we were eager to christen our new Crestliner.  It wasn’t to be, as the month brought with it 360mm of rain, at it’s heaviest during the week we were in town. This resulted in horrendous flooding and a boat ramp which resembled a junk yard. We made the best of our time, totally changing tact, whilst our new boat sat stationary, patiently waiting for a break in the weather, which sadly never came.

We were keen to redeem ourselves with another family boating trip, so, just to be safe, this time we headed south. A waterfront cottage in Sussex Inlet would be our home for a couple of days as we introduced our son to the world of boating & fishing with soft plastics.

My husband, Jarrod competes in bream tournaments and has been counting the days until William can fit into a life vest and feasibly manage a fishing rod. At the ripe old age of 3 ½, finally the time had come.

The waterways through St. Georges Basin are cushioned by a pristine back drop. The sounds of silence would have been wondrous, if it wasn’t for the toddler on board who squealed with delight every time a fish nibbled on his line.

We’d only been on the water for about ½ hour, when William exclaimed ‘Daddy, I’ve caught a fish’.  Jarrod checked the line and sure enough there was a fight going on at the other end. William wouldn’t let either of us assist, as anyone with a 3 year old would understand, so he continued to pump and wind just like Daddy said.

We were both overjoyed as he reeled in his first flathead.  In true terms it was by no means a whopper, but I figure that if you consider weight for age, comparatively speaking we can say that it was a ‘big fish’. The look of joy and pride on our sons’ face was indescribable.


By early afternoon we had a substantial catch of flathead. We took a couple of quick happy snaps before releasing them back into their oasis. William waved frantically, as if saying goodbye to his new best friends. 

We had exhausted ourselves, so we anchored on the shoreline for an afternoon swim and then something unbelieveable occurred. About 100m from us we saw a fin, which wasnot the most comforting site at first glance.  Then gliding through the water, a dolphin approached us (obviously impressed by the superb polished hull of the Crestliner).

We gently stroked the beautiful creature before he leisurely continued on his way.

After speaking with a few of the locals, it seems that the marine mammal has inhabited the waterway for the last 3 months and that he was originally accompanied by two others.  What an unforgettable experience!

The Crestliner Superhawk 1700 provides such versatility to cater for both the family and the sports aspects of boat ownership.

Previously, Jarrod has owned purely American Bass style boats which are not family friendly. The Crestliner offers the best of both worlds. We thoroughly enjoyed our South Coast family adventure, and now Jarrod has his sights set on some serious bream fishing in the coming weeks.


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